Canon’s new GP-E2 is the compact and easy answer for GPS information in images taken with EOS 5D Mark III, EOS-1D X, and later EOS digital SLRs. It mounts onto the hot shoe of compatible EOS cameras (or can be connected via included interface cable when bracket-mounted, to free the hot shoe for flash or other accessories). GPS data is included in the EXIF shooting data produced by the camera for each image it takes, making it far easier for amateurs and pros alike to sort, file, label and caption images they shoot.

  • The compact and inexpensive alternative to connecting a third-party GPS unit to a Canon Wireless File Transmitter for GPS data input
  • GP-E2 records Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (elevation), and Direction (compass reading of which direction camera was pointed in when image was taken)
  • Universal Time Code (UTC) compliant, with automatic time setting option, and (when used with EOS-1D X) high-precision UTC when “Auto Time Setting” is selected — ± 0.02 second margin of error/li>
  • Data Logging: GP-E2 can keep an on-going record of where a user traveled during day (doesn’t have to be mounted on-camera for data logging); included Map Utility Software displays recorded locations, and allows geotagging images from earlier EOS digital SLRs

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