imagePROGRAF iPF6400

The 24” wide iPF6400 is a feature-packed, yet easy to use large-format printer that’s ideal for photographers, design professionals and enthusiasts alike. This remarkably fast printer uses a 12-color set of Canon’s LUCIA EX inks with optimized placement of minuscule 4pl ink droplets to produce stunning, color accurate images and smooth gradations on a variety of media types.

  • Produces full color and monochrome images up to 24” wide
  • With a 12-color set of Canon’s highly durable LUCIA EX inks, this printer offers an exceptionally wide color gamut, exquisite detail and vibrant colors.
  • New Tint and Tone controls over the four monochromatic shades (Black, Matte Black, Gray, and Photo Gray) and a new monochrome photo mode enables users to produce dramatic black and white images with incredible detail and expression.
  • Print Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Digital Photo Professional put expanded color control and image management capabilities at your fingertips.
  • The Media Configuration Tool makes it easier to use the media you choose.
  • A new built-in Multi-Sensor simplifies calibration of the printer and helps maintain consistent and accurate color reproduction.
  • A new Gallery Wrap Feature makes creating canvas gallery wraps simple

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