RC-V100 Remote Control Unit

The Canon RC-V100 is a remote control unit that directly links to the camera’s remote jack, via a cable, and adds tremendous flexibility for a production. It enables the video engineer, DIT, or camera assistant to monitor, adjust and change the internal functions of the camera during setup and shoot. This unit will provide remote access for the XF300 and XF305, and the Cinema EOS C100, C300 and C500.

The RC-V100 provides remote access to most of the camera's operational and image adjustment functions, thereby avoiding interruption to the shoot by having to open the camera menus from the camera. A video engineer can be monitoring the image from the camera directly and control the camera at the same time. The RC-V100 has a layout optimized for professional applications and it provides instant camera menu and Custom Picture access. It includes four additional assignable buttons and adds control for ND filters control, Gain/Shutter control, Focus/Zoom control, and image adjustments. Also, it can turn the camera on or off, start and stop recording, initiate image review of recorded material, and show or hide bars or on-screen displays.

  • Common image parameters can be adjusted by dials
  • Direct control to Auto Knee, Knee Point, Knee Slope, Black Gamma Level, White Balance R/B, Master Black R/B, and Master Pedestal without having to access the Custom Pictures menu
  • The RC-V100 has illuminated buttons, enabling use where the lighting is dim
  • Powered directly from the camera – requires no external power source

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