An update to Canon's smallest Speedlite for EOS cameras, now incorporating two innovations making it potentially attractive to the serious nature photography enthusiast: it's wireless E-TTL compatible (as a "slave unit" only, with simplified set-up – it's always part of group "A"), and the new Remote Control Transmission feature that can fire compatible EOS cameras while the flash is held off-camera. Always a super-light and affordable unit attractive to casual amateurs, the 270EX II now may well be appealing to close-up shooters as a practical off-camera wireless flash.

  • Canon's smallest EX-series Speedlite: a perfect companion for PowerShot G-series cameras with an accessory shoe, and as always, a great step-up from the built-in flash for EOS amateur users
  • E-TTL automatic control, with menu-driven manual flash (full 1/1 ~ 1/64 power) possible (requires EOS body with external flash menu)
  • Upward bounce capability, and manually adjustable flash head for 28mm or 50mm lens coverage (equivalent to 18mm or 32mm lenses on APS-C cameras)
  • Totally new: Remote Control Transmission – with Speedlite 270EX II held off-camera, press flash's remote release button, and fire compatible EOS camera* remotely

* Compatible EOS bodies for Remote Control Transmission:  EOS 5D Mark III/Mark II, EOS 6D, EOS 7D,  EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS Rebel T1i~T5i, XSi, XTi, XT, and original EOS Digital Rebel

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