The mid-size Speedlite 430EX II is popular with a wide variety of EOS users. It's smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the top-of-the-line 600EX-RT, making it appealing to serious flash shooters as a back-up flash for on-camera use, and as a more affordable "slave unit" for wireless flash. And, for pros who only occasionally use on-camera flash, and advanced amateurs, it makes an ideal primary flash unit.

  • Good power for a compact flash (GN at ISO 100, with zoom head at 35mm position: 101 ft./31m)
  • Compatible with optical-based Wireless E-TTL as an off-camera "slave unit", alone or combined with any other Canon EX-series flashes used in "slave" mode (note: 430EX II cannot be used as on-camera "master" flash)
  • Excellent option for close-up and macro shooters to combine with Macro Lites for wireless off-camera flash lighting
  • Upward bounce and left-right swivel capability, as well as automatic (or user-controlled manual) flash head zooming to cover lenses 24 thru 105mm (on a full-frame camera); ultra-wide flash coverage to 14mm lenses (9mm equivalent with APS-C cameras) via pull-down wide panel

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