Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX

Close-up flash with a difference: compared to the popular Macro Ring Lite, the Twin Lite opens the door to directional lighting, where form, texture and shadows are at your fingertips. Two separate heads can be rotated on their ring, or easily removed and positioned to simulate natural sunlight. While it's perfect for nature enthusiasts, the Macro Twin Lite may also be the macro flash of choice for medical, dental (especially cosmetic dentistry) and industrial fields, where lighting often plays a role in the final information and detail our pictures deliver.

  • Fully automatic E-TTL exposure with all EOS cameras, film or digital; shoe-mounted Controller Unit has LCD panel to set manual flash exposure (down to 1/64th power) if desired
  • Twin flash heads provide more power than ring lite, and can be independently positioned; each has a standard shoe-mount, as well as 1/4-20 tripod socket for mounting to light stands and other devices
  • Full ratio control possible, over 6-stop range, between two flash heads; Wireless E-TTL also possible, with Twin Lite acting as "master" for one or more additional off-camera "slave units"
  • Attaches directly to most Canon EF or EF-S Macro lenses*

* Optional accessory Macrolite Adapter 67C required to attach to EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro lens, and Macrolite Adapter 72C required to attach to EF 180mm f/3.5L macro lens.

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