Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2

For over a decade, the ST-E2 transmitter has been the gateway for many EOS users into the world of optical wireless off-camera flash. Its ability to fire a single "slave unit" off-camera, or dozens of off-camera flashes makes it invaluable to many event, wedding, portrait and industrial shooters. The ST-E2 slides onto any EOS (or PowerShot G-series) accessory shoe, and then can fire any and all Speedlites (up to 16.5 feet away, within its line of sight) at even power, or provide ratio control between an A and B group, for more advanced lighting effects.

  • Compact, affordable, and far lighter on-camera than a 580EX II Speedlite when used as simply a transmitter for wireless flash
  • Excellent first step into optically-triggered wireless E-TTL with off-camera flashes, especially for shooters working indoors or outside in low light
  • Extremely practical way to change the look of interior images – an ideal purchase for real estate professionals looking to move from snapshots to photographs
  • Compatible with all EOS Speedlites with Slave Unit capability, when set to slave mode: Speedlite 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 430EX II, 320EX, and 270EX II (as well as previous, discontinued EX-flashes with slave mode)

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