A totally unique, ultra-wide lens with ability to tilt its plane of focus, and shift for perspective correction. It's a great choice for architectural interiors, of course, but it can also be invaluable for commercial or even travel shooting. For real estate pros, this lens can change the character of the images you show in print and on-line. Its image quality is superb, and for those experienced with "tilt-shift" lenses, it adds a totally new feature: ability to rotate the front section, and change the angle of tilt relative to the direction of shift.

  • Potentially very useful for corporate and industrial shooters, needing to accurately photograph buildings, facilities, or large machinery
  • Up to 12mm of shift (up, down, left, or right) – allows correction to keep straight lines in a building or a product straight, and avoid "pyramid" look from simply aiming camera upward or downward
  • Tilt capability (up to ±6.5˚) allows front of lens to be tilted, and change plane of focus – potentially extending depth-of field when shooting large subjects at an angle
  • Manual focus only; can be used on any Canon EOS camera body

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