A proven tilt-shift lens that's at home both in the studio, and on location. This 45mm lens delivers images with a very natural and realistic perspective, so it's a frequent choice of pros shooting small and medium-size product shots where quality, sharpness and realistic depiction are important. Its ability to tilt the front of the lens allows potential to extend the range of sharpness, front-to-back, even at fairly wide lens apertures. For nature, outdoor, and commercial studio shooters who like to work deliberately and prefer a "normal lens" look, this lens is a perfect addition.

  • Tilt capability allows changing plane of what's in sharp focus; Shift function allows perspective control to keep straight lines straight, and avoid "pyramid" effect in product shots or buildings with pronounced straight vertical lines
  • Can be used with any EOS SLR, film or digital – "normal" lens characteristics most apparent with full-frame SLRs, or with EOS-1D cameras (1.3x "crop factor")
  • Manual focusing (only), as close as 1.3 feet (0.4m)

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