The same Canon Tilt-Shift concept, but now in a portrait-length telephoto lens. It's totally at home in the studio, and very effective for portrait shooting, where its ability to alter the plane of sharp focus lets serious photographers extend (or minimize) what's sharp in a tight shot of a subject's face. It's also great for product photos where greater distance is needed (to add lighting, for instance), or where a telephoto perspective is desired. It works well with extension tubes, too, for close-up shots of small objects, still allowing tilt control.

  • A great portrait lens for studio and location portraiture, with sharp optics, f/2.8 maximum aperture, and all the flexibility of its tilt-shift movements
  • Tilting capability is an especially desirable feature to critical shooters, and useful in everything from portraits to close-ups of small objects
  • Solid build quality, with smooth manual focusing from infinity down to 1.6 feet (approx. 1:3.3x magnification)
  • Magnifications to 0.6x (more than half life-size) when combined with Extension Tube EF25 II (note – lens shifting with extension tube may cause vignetting)

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