Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A

Picking up where previous-generation Wireless File Transmitters have left off, the new WFT-E7A allows a broad range of capabilities. It’s not simply a unit for working press shooters any longer — its abilities to link up with devices like web-enabled “smart phones” and iPads™ and similar devices mean it can expand the range of possibilities for countless other types of working pros and even serious SLR enthusiasts. WFT-E7A is intended for the EOS 5D Mark III and future mid-range EOS digital SLRs, and is not specifically dedicated to one camera as previous Canon WFT units often have been.

  • Support for high-speed IEEE 802.11n wireless LAN (via “infrastructure” network only, with accessory Access Point device)
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity — directly connect third-party GPS devices, and have GPS data added to each image’s shooting data
  • Wireless LAN (up to 492 feet/150m) with internal antenna, or wired LAN via fast 1000BASE-T Ethernet connection
  • View and control camera from compatible “smart phone” or iPad, using “WFT Server” mode
  • Full wireless remote control of camera — with on-screen Live Viewing — using “EOS Utility” mode; Direct transfer of images to folder on computer with “FTP Transfer” mode; View camera’s images on computer screen and select/download desired ones via “WFT Server” mode

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