A professional HD video camera that's ideal when compact size becomes mission-critical – whether for on-location work, fitting-in with a crowd, or situations where a camera needs to be mounted in unusual or risky areas. The XA10 has a 10x zoom lens (30.4–304mm equivalent), designed for HD output. A native Canon 1920x1080 CMOS imaging sensor and Canon's DIGIC III DV processor deliver a high-quality AVCHD image, easily editable with popular software. Handling is superb, and aided by a large top-mounted handle which is easily removable. Two SD memory card slots allow a range of recording options.

  • 3.5-inch, touch-screen LCD monitor (approx. 922,000 dot resolution) and color electronic eye-level viewfinder (approx. 260,000 dots)
  • Infrared recording: shoot HD video with little or no light; Infrared emitter with diffuser is built into XA10’s handle… perfect for surveillance, industrial use, and special effects
  • Range of shooting modes, from various full-auto exposure settings to full Manual exposure (plus Tv and Av modes)
  • Recording bit rates adjustable from 24Mbps thru 5Mbps – users can set the right balance between ultimate image quality vs. recording time
  • Exposure and focus assist features include waveform monitor (for exposure control) and Canon’s Edge Monitor Focus Assist display

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