XC10 4K Camcorder

The Canon XC10 is a true hybrid camera, offering 4K and HD video capabilities, and with the ability to shoot and share still image files. A one-inch size, 12-million pixel Canon CMOS sensor for stills and video provides excellent quality and contributes to a compact design. The XC10 is a nifty B-roll camera for an experienced cinema camera operator or a great way for a DSLR enthusiast to get into 4K video. The LCD monitor has touchscreen operation, tilts up and down, and an included viewfinder attaches easily to the monitor, turning it into an eye-level finder — convenient when shooting outdoors.

The lens is a new 10X zoom and has smooth manual zooming, image stabilization, and autofocus for both video and still images. The XC10 delivers excellent 4K quality with high data rates — good enough to be mixed with footage from a high-end Cinema EOS camera, but with operation easy enough for a beginner to shoot web-ready video. Extremely high 4K video quality is accomplished by a completely new Canon codec called “XF-AVC.” The XC10 records high quality, 4K in-camera to CFast 2.0 cards. HD or still images are recorded on an SD card.

For video, it offers a choice of looks -- including Canon Log and Wide DR -- make it easy to adjust color rendering, match to the Cinema EOS system, and achieve a wide Dynamic Range. A variety of frame rates, including slow and fast motion HD, are available.

The Canon XC10 has two methods to produce still images: in-camera frame grabs from 4K or 1080P Full HD video, or a separate still image mode. XC10 frame grabs can be done completely in-camera. At 4K, a frame grab is an 8.3MP file, roughly 1.5-2MB in file size. There is also a totally separate still image mode that can record up to 12 million pixel in JPEG images. With the XC10’s built-in Wi-Fi, it is easy to share files almost anywhere.

  • 4K 30p H.264 Intra-Frame 4:2:2/8bit
  • Full HD 60p H.264 Long GOP 4:2:2/8bit
  • DIGIC DV5 Image processing platform
  • 12.0-megapixel still image shooting function
  • 4K photo extraction
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band Wi-Fi module incorporated

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