XF200 HD Camcorder

This camera, with its high movie resolution 60P recording (MP4), meets a broad spectrum of shooting requirements for weddings/events, commercial, broadcast applications and more. Its rotating grip, which includes a total angle rotation of 120°, allows freedom in shooting styles to accommodate a videographer, their shooting situation or both. Its smaller body (versus the XF305/300) incorporates a 20x zoom lens, three manual rings and a rotating grip, while its optics and camera performance surpass rival camcorder models.

  • Features an eight-bladed circular aperture, a first for Canon camcorders since April 2014, that can help achieve more natural and smoother out-of-focus areas
  • Includes Ethernet LAN, HDMI, AV, headphones, USB, remote (LANC-compatible) terminals
  • 2.91 megapixels on HD CMOS PRO sensor
  • Dual and simultaneous recording capabilities for MXF to dual CF cards and MP4 to an SD card for multiple recording options
  • 4-channel audio recording incorporated
  • Two CF card slots and one SD card slot (for MP4 recording)

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