XF205 HD Camcorder

With its improved Image Stabilization, infrared shooting function and high movie resolution 60P recording (MP4) specifications, this camera will support many uses, especially those in the Electronic News Gathering (ENG) fields. Its smaller body (versus the XF305/300) incorporates a 20x zoom lens, three manual rings and a rotating grip, while its optics and camera performance surpass rival camcorder models. The eight-bladed circular aperture, which is a first for Canon camcorders since April 2014, helps achieve more natural and smoother out-of-focus areas.

  • 2.91 megapixels on HD CMOS PRO sensor
  • SDI (3G/HD-SDI and HD/SD-SDI), TC/GENLOCK, Ethernet LAN, HDMI, AV, headphones, USB, remote (LANC-compatible) and two XLR terminals built-in for commercial applications
  • Dual and simultaneous recording capabilities for MXF to dual CF cards and MP4 to an SD card for multiple recording options
  • 4-channel audio recording incorporated
  • Two CF card slots and one SD card slot (for MP4 recording)

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